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Study Abroad Honduras

The March study abroad trip to Honduras, which is open to OSU students from any class level or major, provides students enrolled in the Forests, People & Sustainable Development (NREM 4393) course with an opportunity for an international education experience at the "first-person" level.

The focus is to experience the culture, geography, and natural landscape of Honduras, and to examine and better understand the linkages between the Honduran people and their land and natural resources. To accomplish this, we travel from the humid tropical rainforests and mangroves of the Caribbean coast of Honduras, to the dry forest of a volcanic island on the Pacific shore, to the highland pine and cloud forests of its mountainous interior, and to ancient Mayan ruins in western Honduras.

[ Student Testimonials ]

"In the beginning, I thought that it would just be a neat class. I didn't realize that it would change my attitude and outlook on life."
Alanna McFarland
Honduras Study Abroad 2000

"When the land-cruisers showed up [at the dorm] this morning, I knew a good day was ahead..."
Nathan Bomer
Honduras Study Abroad 2000

"This course offered a different sort of challenge. I was pressed to open my mind beyond my upbringing, preconceptions, culture and daily life. I was challenged to learn as much as possible about a country, its people, customs, traditions, society, politics, history, national parks, social disparities, gender roles, conservation issues and language. And we did so much more than just read about these topics... we experienced Honduras, and that made all the difference."
Stephanie Blochowiak
Honduras Study Abroad 2003

"We really were able to interact with everyday people... to understand native cultures, such as the Maya, Lenca, and Garifuna people. This is what made it a true international experience. It is really fascinating that after all of the international business courses and cultural classes I have taken, none have better prepared me for an international position than this course."
Ronica Tabor, International Studies Masters Candidate
Honduras Study Abroad 2009


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