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Oklahoma State University

Donating to NREM

The key to the success of the NREM department is our students. We offer diverse programs in natural resource ecology and management, including the ecological study of forestry, fisheries, fire, rangelands, and wildlife.

Students enrolled in NREM degree programs pursue careers that impact our state's, our nation's and the world's natural resources.

As state funding decreases in an uncertain economy, education is less affordable while being more important than ever.

You can impact a student's life by donating to any of the NREM scholarship funds listed below.

Endowed Scholarships

C.L. Clymer Scholarship
(Project #21-24300)
To be eligible for this award, the applicant must successfully complete the forestry summer camp program during the preceding academic year.

Dave and Debra Engle Endowed Scholarship
(Project #21-42600)

Awarded annually to qualified, full-time students in Natural Resource Ecology and Management, with a rangeland ecology and management or fire ecology option.

Durrell Forestry Alumni Association Scholarship
(Project #21-29300)

This scholarship is awarded annually to the outstanding senior forestry student based on scholarship, character, and potential for leadership.

Erwin Transfer Scholarship
(Project #21-35500)

Any student having completed college credit at any college or university who declares Natural Resource Ecology and Management as their major, with a forestry option and enrolls in at least one forestry course in their first semester is eligible. The student must exhibit potential for completion of the forestry degree program at Oklahoma State University.

Farrell Copelin Scholarship Fund
(Project #21-49800)

To provide scholarships for undergraduate students studying wildlife conservation. This fund is not fully endowed and has not been awarded yet.

Fisheries Scholarship
(Project #21-58600)

Developed to fund a scholarship for a graduate student in Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology.

Matthew Allen Scheidt Memorial Scholarship
(Project #21-49500)

The scholarship recognizes junior or senior majors in Wildlife Ecology and Management or Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology with a GPA less than 3.5 who may be coping with significant health issues.

Rigdon Memorial Scholarship
(Project #21-30400)

Awarded to qualified, full-time, second-year Natural Resource Ecology and Management major, with a forestry option.

Robert L. Lochmiller II Endowed Scholarship in Wildlife Ecology
(Project #21-49700)

Natural Resource Ecology and Management graduate student in wildlife ecology or toxicology, scholarship and excellence in research.

Sally Jo Bible Scholarship
(Project #21-37100)

Awarded to graduate students in Forestry, Wildlife Ecology and Management, or Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology.

Thomas and Marie Jones Scholarship
(Project #21-60200)

Natural Resource Ecology and Management undergraduate student in Wildlife Ecology with a minimum of 3.3 GPA and leadership in civic or campus organizations.

Walker Forestry Scholarship
(Project #21-35200)

These scholarships are awarded yearly to freshmen, sophomores, and juniors in Natural Resource Ecology and Management, forestry option major.

Annual Cash Scholarships

NREM Scholarships and Awards
(Project #21-32400)

Undergraduate scholarships based on scholarship and participation in departmental activities.




Endowed Scholarships

C.L. Clymer Scholarship

Dave & Debra Engle Endowed Scholarship

Erwin Transfer Scholarship

Farrell Copelin Scholarship Fund

Fisheries Scholarship

Matthew Allen Scheidt Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Rigdon Memorial Scholarship

Robert L. Lochmiller II Endowed Scholarship in Wildlife Ecology

Sally Jo Bible Scholarship

Thomas & Marie Jones Scholarship

Walker Forestry Scholarship


Annual Cash Scholarships

NREM Scholarships & Awards


Fishin' with Pete

Fishing Lure Sale in Support of
NREM Fisheries Scholarship


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