Oklahoma State University

Student Name Specialization E-mail Address
Atuo, Fidelis Akunke Wildlife Ecology and Management fidelis.atuo@okstate.edu
Ausmus, Casey J. Forest Resources causmus@okstate.edu
Bendixsen, Devin Forest Resources devin.bendixsen@okstate.edu
Bradley, Joshua Forest Resources joshua.bradley@okstate.edu
Carroll, James (Matt) Wildlife Ecology and Management matt.carroll@okstate.edu
Cartabiano, Evans Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology evan.cartabiano@okstate.edu
Caterina, Giulia L. Forest Resources guilia@okstate.edu
Cobb, Adam Rangeland Ecology and Management abcobb@okstate.edu
Cole, Donald Wildlife Ecology and Management donald.cole@okstate.edu
Dale, Joseph Forest Resources dalejj@okstate.edu
Dale, Leah Wildlife Ecology and Management leah.dale@okstate.edu
Daly, Benjamin Forest Resources
Delecki, Anissa Wildlife Ecology and Management delecki@okstate.edu
Dolman, Richard Wildlife Ecology and Management richard.dolman@okstate.edu
Dvorett, Daniel Wildlife Ecology and Management dan.dvorett@okstate.edu
Dyer, Joseph Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology jjdyer@okstate.edu
Farless, Nicole Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology  nicole.farless@okstate.edu
Feltrin, Raquel Forest Resources Raquel.feltrin@okstate.edu
Fletcher, Valerie Rangeland Ecology and Management valerie.cook@okstate.edu
Greer, Mitchell J. Rangeland Ecology and Management mitchell.greer@okstate.edu
Grischkowsky, Stephanie Rangeland Ecology and Management sgrisch@okstate.edu
Hiatt, Emily Rangeland Ecology and Management emily.hiatt@okstate.edu
Hovick, Torre J. Wildlife Ecology and Management torre.hovick@okstate.edu
Jacques, Marie-eve Forest Resources marieeve.jacques@okstate.edu
K.C., Anup Forest Resources anup.kc@okstate.edu
K.C., Dipesh Forest Resources dipesk@okstate.edu
Kirk, Dylan Extension 4-H Dylan.J.Kirk@okstate.edu
Leverkus, Sonja Rangeland Ecology and Management sonja.leverkus@okstate.edu
Maggard, Adam O. Forest Resources adam.maggard@okstate.edu
Medsker, Theresa Forest Resources teri.medsker@okstate.edu
Musselman, William (Chris) Wildlife Ecology and Management chris.musselman@okstate.edu
Nealis (Foster), Ashley A. Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology ashleaf@okstate.edu
Noland, Morgan Rangeland Ecology and Management morgan.noland@okstate.edu
Orange, Jeremy Wildlife Ecology and Management jeremy.orange@okstate.edu
Orr, Scott Forest Resources scott.t.orr@okstate.edu
Powers, Jarrod Rangeland Ecology and Management jarrod.powers@okstate.edu
Risley, Nickolas Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology nick.risley@okstate.edu
Ryswyk, Ryan Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology ryan.ryswyk@okstate.edu
Saud, Pradip Forest Resources praid.saud@okstate.edu
Scasta, John (Derek) Rangeland Ecology and Management scasta@okstate.edu
Sharma Acharya, Bharat Forest Resources bharat.sharma_acharya@okstate.edu
Sinnott, Emily Wildlife Ecology and Management emily.sinnott@okstate.edu
Smith, Britt Rangeland Ecology and Management britt.smith@okstate.edu
Stahr, Kristopher Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology Kristopher.stahr@okstate.edu
Stewart, David (Randy) Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology randy.stewart@okstate.edu
Tanner, Christopher Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology cdtanne@okstate.edu
Tanner, Evan Wildlife Ecology and Management evan.tanner@okstate.edu
Tasdemir, Cagatay Forest Resources cagatay.tasmedir@okstate.edu
Truitt, Beau (Brian) Rangeland Ecology and Management btruitt@okstate.edu
Unger, Ashley Rangeland Ecology and Management ashley.unger@okstate.edu
Walters, Matthew Wildlife Ecology and Management matthew.walters@okstate.edu
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