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USDA awards $500,000 grant to Drs. Will, Joshi and Zou at NREM department to study the Cross-timber

"Effects of management and climate variability on productivity and value for different mixes of timber, cattle grazing, and wildlife"


NSF awards $1.4 million grant for woody plant encroachment research

“Slowing the Expansion of Woodlands and Increasing the Resilience of Grasslands in the Southern Great Plains” is a three-year project funded by the National Science Foundation. Press release by Texas A&M University




USDA NIFA —– Effects of management and climate variability on productivity and value for different mixes of timber, cattle grazing, and wildlife. 2018-2021. $500,000. PIs: Will RE, Joshi O, and Zou CB.


NSF CNH - Slowing the expansion of woodlands and increasing the resilience of grasslands in the Southern Great Plains. $1,499,378. 09/01/2014 – 08/31/2019. Wilcox BP (TAMU PI), Zou CB (OSU PI), WJ van Leeuwen (U Arizona PI), M Sorice (Virginia Tech PI)


USDA NIFA Sustainable Bioenergy Program - Increasing water yield and quality through redcedar removal and establishment of herbaceous biofuel feedstock production systems. $548,828. 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2018. Lead-PI: Rod Will; co-PIs: Zou CB, Engle D, Kakani G, Fox G, Storm D, Penn C, Huhnke R.


NSF EPSCoR RII (OIA-1301789) —Adapting socio-ecological systems to increased climate variability. $20,000,000 ($2,668,242 to NREM at OSU). 06/01/2013 – 11/31/2018. PIs: Huhnke R (Oklahoma EPSCoR Office) and Knoedler A (OU); Co-Is: Zou CB and other 28 from OSU, OU, University of Tulsa, and Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation




USGS 104B/OWRRI - Effect of vegetation on groundwater recharge in upland ecosystems. $50,000. 02/15/2014 – 2/14/2015. PI: Zou CB; co-PIs: Will R, Fox G, Halihan T.
\US Fish and Wildlife Service - Management and restoration of bottomland hardwoods in the Deep Fork National Wildlife Refuge: implications of hydrologic regime and edaphic factors. $103,000. 09/01/2013 – 05/15/2016. PI: Hallgren S; co-PIs: Will R, Lynch T, Gregory M, Zou CB, Carter B, Leslie C.
Ecohydrology models for landscape conservation under climate change (USGS SC-CSC)
Assessment of climate variability and land surface change on streamflow (USGS 104B)
Eastern redcedar encroachment and water cycle (USGS 104G)



Ecohydrological impact of fire and grazing interaction

Riparian gallery forest expansion and long term streamflow response

Fire impact on community structure, function, and decomposition in a P-enriched wetland 

Effect of vegetation manipulation on hydrologic processes  

Feedbacks of hydrological processes in arid and semiarid ecosystems 

Feedback of hydrological processes in humid ecosystems

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